In an effort to better meet the needs of today's athlete, Allez Training Systems offers two levels of services:  Coaching and Consulting.  Both levels of training support are customizable to your needs and provide training advice and plans relevant to your goals.  ATS works with every level of endurance athlete, from the seasoned pro to the beginner fitness enthusiast, we can coordinate your exercise ambitions.   ATS does not support or adhere to a"one plan fits all" training prescription model; as such your plan is designed for your goals, schedule, sports, and life.  

Coaching services will provide either a 6 or 12 month training plan overview, monthly training prescriptions, and personal contact with ATS.  Coaching fees depend on the following monthly services:

1.  Phone contact time with ATS (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
2.  Email or text messages with ATS (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
3.  Number program modifications after intial training provision
4.  Training data analysis (frequency)

5.  Personal riding time with you
6.  Number of sports you seek training support in

Consulting services will provide guidence to athletes and organizations that are independently designing their day to day training program.  Consulting clients will not receive daily or monthly training prescriptions from ATS.  In place, ATS will provide feedback and directional support throughout an athletes competitive season.  Consulting services are ideal for the experienced athlete on a budget looking for professional training support, race team directors, cycling clubs, and organizations.  Consulting fees are based on the number of athletes served *(team, club, individual) in addition to the overall level of support requested based on the following additional services:

1.  Increased contact time (phone, email, text message etc.)
2.  Level of feedback from ATS
3.  Number of athletes in club, team, etc.
4.  Training data analysis
5.  Number of sports you seek training support it
6.  In person meetings or educational lectures

7.  Level and type of skills clinic

In addition to individual and team consulting services, ATS can provide club and or organization educational lectures and skills clinics.  ATS offers talks ranging from general fitness and health concepts and methods to advanced training periodization and athlete development.  

ATS regularly offers a wide range of cycling skills clinics for cyclocross and mountain biking racers and riders, contact us for upcoming events.  

Please contact us for more information and to discuss the type of service that would suit you and your organization best.

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