Jeffrey Herrick, PhD

Jeff is an exercise physiologist and the founder and president of Allez Training Systems, LLC.  A life long cyclist, his professional racing experience began in 1996 as a mountain bike and cyclocross racer. He has competed in state, regional, national and international events where he has accumulated numerous victories in his cycling career.  In addition, Jeff has raced on several top elite teams such as Team Allspeed/Sunday River, GT Bicycles and the Independent Fabrication factory team.  

Jeff's academic training includes degrees in psychology and exercise physiology and specializes in exercise testing and prescription for both athlete and non-athletes and sports psychology.  Jeff has published and presented original research at regional and national conferences and has affiliations with the American College of Sports Medicine and Professional Against Doping in Sports.

His coaching career began in 2002 and includes work with mountain bikers, road racers, cyclocross racers, Xterra and Ironman competitiors, ultra  endurance athletes. and elite weekend warriors.  Several of Jeff's athletes have gained invitations to national and world championship events.

Jeff’s ambition with ATS is to provide a service that is a synthesis of his personal racing experiences and training modalities supported by the applied sciences. Jeff's combination of elite  racing experience and advanced formal education is rare in the field of endurance sports.